A July Message from Debbie Rosas

A July Message from Debbie Rosas

It’s the end of July and I am about to take a two-week “Debbie” sabbatical. One week I’ll spend alone in the desert, listening and communing with Nia about the next steps and future I am asked to help co-create. The following week I will go study with my anatomy muse, Gild Hedley, where once again I will dive into the sacred art of dissection and come face-to-face with the glorious magic of the human body—our home. I now rest in the fact we have just finished taping the next Nia routine-workout “GO” with trainer and choreographer Holly Nastasi, which is a beautiful routine focusing on directions, with the intent to sharpen your awareness of the body moving in space. In my opinion this routine carries the felt sense of dancing in a field of whipped cream, nothing abrupt, executed with simplicity and ease, with time to experience the movements as deep, as intense, or as easy as you like. Once Holly left, I took the time to recapitulate my last series of training’s: White Belt, Moving to Heal, Black, and Brown Belt trainings. Here’s what I’d like to share from my recapitulation- meditation.


After any training what I sense in my body is always unique. Each group, one-of-a-kind, I perceive after White, Green, Blue or Brown Belt training a sense of fearless excitement in the graduates that I believe comes from knowing there is a “next step”. After Black Belt and First Degree, I sense something quite different that I believe stems from questions like: “What’s next; What if I never get to experience something like this again; What if I never get to be with these people? What if I can’t continuing learning like this?”

Being left in the dark is never good. Not knowing where one is going can often create a sense of fear and unsteadiness. Not to worry, as Nia seems to be the gift that keeps on giving! I can’t possibly stop? Nia won’t let me ignore the relentless voice that speaks through me, reminding me to not waste time, and to use my life and consciousness well, remembering this one body, in this lifetime, is all I have, so use it wisely.

After thirty-five years I am amazed at how every day I get up excited to listen and dance through life with Nia. Giving my attention and life to Nia, I feel guided by the one thing we can all count on — change. My willingness to free fall into the magic of the unknown is key if I am to listen to the voices coming through this amazing, living, breathing, feeling, thinking organ of perception I am — my body.

Last night I put my head on the pillow and felt proud of the Sacred Athlete and sensation scientist I have become! I felt deep love and gratitude for my body and the life I have been given. I fell asleep breathing a deep sigh knowing I am in, listening and following my voice, seat belt on, and ready for the next ride and evolution of Nia!

What I foresee on the horizon is a much more powerful structure of Nia’s form enlivened by Principle One from White Belt: Joy of Movement, connected to the sea of universal order. I see healing, sensing the power of the life-giving resonance we are a part of supporting us all in jumping on the trampoline of change, surrounded in a loving sea where every molecule of living and inorganic substance is being changed, replaced, moment-by-moment, year-by-year, eon by eon. I revel in the fact that in five to seven years at 72, down to the very last atom I will have a new body. Am I excited about the future? Yes, and I get even more excited knowing I have three maps to guide me: the map of Nia, and the map of the body and Universe. This triad provides me with the perfect foundation to evolve and thrive on a human, spirit and soul level; a desire of mine I believe comes from the fact that I shifted my perception of life being all about matter and substance (particles, quanta), into a point of view that looks at life through the underlying patterned waveforms. This is where I connect to the magic I sense around and moving through me. This is the magic of the unseen that fills my fifty-trillion cells, with the aliveness of a universal truth: life is more than what I see.

I am a radiant being. Filled with life force energy, light, and love. I am a three-dimensional thinking, feeling, dreaming, creative helix spiral staircase of matter and mystery that is connected to the heavenly worlds and a human world. I am connected to all that is, to all that has ever been and will be. I am a unique body, mind, emotions, and spirit with a purpose. Part of which, is to evolve and share Nia with you.

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