A Mother’s Day Meditation + Playlist

A Mother’s Day Meditation + Playlist

Here is a playlist I created for Mother’s Day. Enjoy. Feel free to use this meditation at the end of your Mother’s Day workout class:

“Love is the rhythm of motherhood. It is a force that charges the heart of all who take on the role of mothering. Man, woman, friend, neighbor, mother. It is the heartbeat of life and the magical exchange between one who mothers and the one being mothered. This sacred rhythm of mothering is a voice that defines a most sacred relationship. It is not always created by birth, but by the desire to help another grow into a healthy human being.

Mothers are not famous people but remarkable individuals in the way they touch lives. People who mother are daughters and sons who give voice to mothering wisdom. They tell the story of sacrifices, courage, and love that broke open their hearts. Their stories are a reminder that out of love we are born, out of love we are guided. May the mother in you touch the world and awaken the heart of another to love”

The Playlist:

  • A Song For Mama– Boys II Men
  • Mama– The-Dream
  • Mother– Ashanti
  • Mother– Florence + The Machine
  • Hey Mama– Kanye West
  • Hey Mama (ft. Nikki Minaj, Bebe Rexha, & Afrojack)– David Guetta
  • Mother– Lissie
  • Mama– August Alsina
  • Mother– Pink Floyd
  • Thank You For Hearing Me– Sinead O’Connor

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