Awakening the Feminine Spirit

Awakening the Feminine Spirit

My name is Debbie Rosas. I am a woman, visionary and leader of change, and celebrating women is something I am passionate about. I love turning women on to the power of their body, mind, emotions, and spirit. So much so, I’ve dedicated my life to helping women turn-on and tune-in to their voices. These days, women’s voices seem to be raging, howling, kicking and screaming “enough”. This is a good thing. It’s her time. It’s our time. There’s no more time.

It’s funny how a split moment can change the course of your life, but that’s exactly what happened to me the day I went to see the film, The Goddess Remembered by the Canadian director Donna Read.

While sitting in the movie theatre I was transfixed, mesmerized by the music, the images, and the truth I felt I was receiving about my history as a woman for the very first time: over 35,000 years of “pre-history” feminine, goddess-worshipping religions from our ancient past has always been there. It is a part of humanity.

I left the theatre that day changed, inspired to research my history as a woman, a Feminine Spirit and a goddess. To begin my research I bought this film, and two others created by Donna Read: The Burning Times and Full Circle, each one examining a piece of the story of women.

I replayed each film over and over again, and each time something in me awakened that made me acknowledge my connection to all women and humanity through birth. What I didn’t expect from the inspiration of Donna Reed’s films was the sacred prod to create for me, and for other women, a creative way to birth their Feminine Spirit. I listened, followed and created “The Awakening Project” dedicated to awakening what I called the “sleeping giant” the Feminine Spirit.

The Awakening Project is about being your full potential, being fully yourself and being connected to the unique power of your soul’s purpose. Through art and community collaboration, The Awakening Project unleashes the splendor of the Feminine Spirit’s voice and soul. It’s a celebration of life and self-love.

In the wake of the “Me Too” movement and a rise in disconcerting politics, I believe the image of a woman’s body and the Feminine Spirit in humanity are becoming stronger, reflecting power and beauty not limited to one image, age, belief, religion, gender or country, but reflecting an image of beauty that speaks to a truth the world needs right now. We are living in a time in which women are starting to retake their own narrative and bring the Feminine Spirit’s voice out to help heal both men and women alike; and quite possibly the world. The truth is, the power of women, the goddess, has been hidden and disguised for far too long. Now is her time, and all we need to do is take the lead!

We each have within us the power to change the world and create peace. We can do this by enhancing and optimizing ourselves as a unit of power. There is a great deal we can do for the world on a grand scale to create peace and harmony. Awakening the Feminine Spirit is my prayer for peace in physical form. I hope you will consider joining me. Find out more at

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