Building a Solid Nia Foundation

Building a Solid Nia Foundation

They say no two snowflakes or people are alike, which is why I say, “Nia is a mixture of regularity and randomness”. A mix of me, Stuart, you, students and the staff that supports my grand vision of helping people live healthy and meaningful lives at any stage of their life, or state of health and well being. The regularity and randomness of Nia is what makes Nia powerful and also a challenge, as there is not one way to share Nia. Like the body, Nia is best shared and promoted as separate categories that address people’s desire for wanting a different way to get fit, age, live, and/or cope with illness. When we look closely enough at each separate category and at the four pillars of Nia: fitness, health, power and beauty, we see how what seems as diversity comes from an identical underlying form and design. What sort of universe makes something so similar and yet different? The universe and Nia, which is why it is time to regroup and reestablish a solid foundation that will allow the form to differentiate and grow using the key seed and ingredient of universal joy life force to establish a new and better foundation.

What I can tell you is that my intent for the company is to grow stronger and be in better shape so that Nia can do what it’s meant to do: be of service to people to help them live a meaningful, loving and rewarding life in their body. I intend to fashion and structure an atmosphere that better benefits Nia, me, and trainers and teachers; enabling us to attract more people by putting the customer first.  As the business of trainers and teachers grows, the company grows with it; this time from a sustainable foundation.

I am taking the time to understand the patterns and nature of Nia more clearly. If you ask me, “Will I succeed?” I can only tell you that I want to, and I hope to get as far as I can in this puzzle which today, still puzzles me. Why is Nia not growing when the value, the product, and the message is timely and good? I cannot answer this but I can stop and make changes. I can listen, look, and wonder, and be reminded as I look up to the sky that with the 400 billion stars, of which our sun is one, there is room for us all to shine.

I believe we are in the right place at the right time. I for one feel like I am being asked to effortlessly and lovingly riot against struggle, meanness, pain, and overdoing. I must be brash and bold and make choices and decisions without concern but with compassion for those who may not get what they feel they deserve from me or from Nia.

I believe Nia is a living calligraphy, a movement, designed to make people better, and that within this vision and dream, I must remember that Nia is my work. It is something I am being asked to share and I must do this in a way that feeds me, my home, and family; as well as creates a sacred livelihood and a meaningful and rewarding life for others.

Is there a hidden unity that exists in the faculty and in the Nia teaching communities? I hope so. If we can’t find and establish unity we are in trouble. I do know, layer-by-layer, I am looking at what works, what needs realignment, and what I need to do to take the leadership role I have always been asked to take. I am ready, and with the support of Stuart, I am held and guided.

The shape of Nia is affecting the flow. Some paces in Nia have eroded and others are blocked. Some shine. Some need polishing.

The big picture for Nia remains. For now, the focus is on rebuilding a solid foundation and on moving more slowly, creating the right environment to thrive and creating circles of influence around me that make it easier and more enjoyable to do what needs to be done.

I appreciate the conversations and the abundance of love and passion you continue to share.

As we move forward and assemble in a new way I will do my best to guide you in the way I feel is best for the higher good of us all; as my eye is not on the “one” for the “one” but on the spiritual one for all.

Nada Brahma – the world is sound – DNia.  In structure, DNA is reminiscent of a long twisting ladder. We are climbing this ladder. The sides are twin stands, the rungs are pairs. The ladder is split down the middle, vertically lengthwise. Each half consists of a backbone twisted into a spiral- a helix. The sequences along the backbone make up the code. The DNA replicates by splitting lengthwise. This occurs when a cell is about to split into two daughter cells. And each cell assures that the other will have the full genes possessed by the parent. Each half is free to attract a new molecule to match the base on its string. The duplicate can be exact or near.

This is the voice and sound I continue to sing.

May the overtones you bring expand the sound of this amazing work for generations to come.

Thank you.



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