The Business of Your Body and Life

The Business of Your Body and Life

I’m writing a book called, CEO-The Art of Communication, Energy and Orgasm. My message is simple: know what to say, know what energy to put behind what you do and say, and know the right time to release information. From my experience in the martial arts, in health and business, some very practical business tools can help you manage the business of your body and life, and we’re all in the business of our body and life.

1. Communication: A healthy CEO is interactive, and communicates by listening to the physical body, by using the thinking, gut, and intuitive mind. They use emotions to gather information and their illuminated higher-self and spirit as their partners. They look, listen, and feel to gain awareness, insight and clarity before they taking action. When they do take action, they do so consciously and without hesitation. They act out of love and compassion, using the energy of desire to fuel visions and dreams. They live fearlessly in integrity and truth.
2. Energy: A powerful CEO uses life force as fuel. They go to the source, the heart to nourish their body, mind, emotions, and spirit. They cultivate, harmonize, blend, activate, and motivate people and their business using life force and by listening to the voices of the chakras. They co-create using masculine and feminine energies. They recognize the power that comes from taking time to energetically blend. They take time to develop connections so power is at least doubled.
3. Orgasm: A dynamic CEO knows when to hold back, and when to let it go. They know the art of foreplay and the art of seduction that draws people and things in and to them. They understand timing and are sensitive to when to use a soft Yin touch, and when to use a harder Yang firm approach. They are masters of language, using just the right word to get what they want. They guide and direct with passion and love. They understand the power in following through to completion.

Success business leaders:

•They are as much a spiritual guide as they are a coach and a boss.
•They guide themselves using the same rules, tools, compassion and integrity as they guide others.
•They co-create success using the very best resources: people and creativity.
•They recognize their place as part of the whole, and as a center. A powerful leader chooses to lead and at times lets others lead.
•They are invested in the success of everyone, and are not afraid to ask for excellence and provide the tools needed to create excellence.
•They have their feet firmly planted and rooted no matter where they are.
•They are flexible in body and mind, and agile in heart and spirit.
•They understand how important it is to achieve balance in all aspects of life, personally and professionally.
•They positively make decisions through their mind and senses.
•They think using their gut, instincts, and rational mind.
•They are the spiritual guide as much as they are the coach and boss.
•They guide themselves with the same compassion and integrity as use to guide others.
•They co-create success using the best resources: people and creativity.
•They blend the science, craft and art of doing business, leading with a visionary mind, and by respecting the laws of the universe that govern everything great.
•They function as a Samurai of their life, and reflect health, vitality, beauty, wellness and power in the way they live life and work.
•Who they are, what they believe in, and what they think is clearly reflected in their work and life.

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