Godly Love

Godly Love

Learn to trust yourself by learning to trust your body. Learn to trust the influences coming from holding the presence of God within you.

We are in partnership with the spirit of God. This energy exchange between wo-mankind and God is the most powerful energy on earth.

Let us come together to deliberately create a species that is devoted entirely to its evolvement into one with our God.

God’s intention is that great numbers of creatures are able to share enjoyment and continuously enhance the enlightenment of all.

Let us point ourselves to the light, the doorway that lies within each of our hearts. The doorway to experience God through our physical, mental and spiritual energies.

To truly trust God we must trust ourselves. This includes building trust in our bodies.

Let us dance and connect with the one maker behind every species, the one who has manifested all that is.

As we move in harmony we experience our energy…matter…spirit…form…God’s love…truth.

In motion, let us translate our wholeness into a beautiful biological dance expression that is in union with God.

Let us tap into the love-centered motivational frequencies that can heal our hearts, minds and awaken our spirits to creating the highest good for all.

As we dance, let us move and relax into the rich interconnectivity of the love God.

As we attune to our inner selves and connect with God, we discover a world of beauty and of wonder beyond all that we have known, truly creating heaven on earth.

The seed of peace is within us all. It is the holiest of spirit that is cultivated by our willingness to care for our bodies in loving and conscious ways.

Moving our bodies in loving and gentle ways remind us to cultivate care for all life and for one another.

Let us create harmony in our bodies, minds and spirits, so that we may come together to know the God within.

Our hearts and the heart of God are one. Our hearts and the heart of the earth are one. Our hearts and all mankind’s hearts are one. May they beat to the beat of love.

Miracles are constantly occuring around us. As we heighten our awareness and senses we can perceive and notice the extraordinariness in the ordinary. We can feel the joys and the astonishing beauty in and around us.

It is only a question of loving one’s self enough. As we love ourselves, we love God.

It is impossible to have low self esteem when we perform movement in a sacred and loving way.

There is a way to perceive and experience spirituality through the body. Be awake. Listen, feel, see, think and perceive with the body of God. Mindful at all times. It is a matter of being spiritual rather than doing.

Let each step that you take reflect a purposeful and conscious spiritual approach to your life and living.

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