My Philosophy on Creating an Extraordinary Culture

My Philosophy on Creating an Extraordinary Culture

Dear Nia Teachers,

I always dreamed of Nia becoming an extraordinary and loving culture, a healthy social and transformational healing organization. One where elders like me, and trained teachers lead the new others, helping them learn, embody and if they choose, share Nia. I have always dreamed of creating a community that understands what it means to protect the message and meaning of Nia: the message, “Through movement we find health” and meaning, “Help people live a healthy and meaningful life in their body, no matter what their age or level of health and well being”.

I believe the challenge we face in creating an extraordinary and loving Nia culture comes from the fact: people come to Nia in need of personal work, and as they learn Nia, at the same time, they are learning about themselves, about their life and their body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It’s a given people come to Nia with their personal baggage, and even though people come dedicated to transformation and growth, the mixed set of beliefs, attitudes, personalities, and customs can get in the way of creating the very best outcome for all.

 I believe no good comes when hate and punishment are a part of the communication, and that good comes when love, forgiveness, and compassion are a part of the communication. As we learn, it is natural to fall down, make mistakes, even do terrible, hurtful things, but we can always “take-two” and re-do. We can apologize and change course. We can be guided by a philosophy that helps us take conscious action, and choose love and patience when we are hurt by unkind words and when we feel attacked.

My over forty plus years in creating Nia as a business rooted in “personal” growth means I know, no one is perfect, not me, no trainer, and no teacher. No one can be expected to go through this level of transformation without getting knocked down a few times and getting back up, going back in and onto the mat of life, and facing one’s own and other people’s thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. In my experience, forgiveness and compassion are journey’s we must travel; this includes consciously releasing anger and pain. If we are unable to forgive it is easy to slip into the world of resentment, and with resentment comes the belief that the other is “wrong” and “bad”. The result is feeling victimized. Yes, sometimes, we are victimized, but we do not have to remain a victim.

Good communication takes wisdom and courage. It takes willingness. It takes the power to believe in people, and in the power to change and become better at being human. I believe in this. I believe in Nia and I believe in the power of Nia communities to emerge into creating an extraordinary and loving Nia culture. What do you believe?


Debbie Rosas

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