A Leader and Visionary –
inspiration on life, self-love, mindfulness and following the sensations of the body


Debbie Rosas is the founder and co-creator of Nia. Dedicated lifelong to self-healing and
self-mastery, Debbie has been a pioneer in the body-mind fitness industry since 1976.
Credited with establishing the mind-body fitness category, she is a leading fitness innovator,
teacher, author, choreographer, performer, healer, and artist whose work greatly influences
the lives of thousands of women and men worldwide.


The Hands That Touch The Earth

The Hands That Touch The Earth

How often do you really feel your feet? Can you sense the soles of your feet and each individual toe on the ground? Do you workout to condition and strengthen your feet? Do you consciously use your feet? Do you like your feet? Get to know them, and you can have a...